We enable farmers, foresters and agronomists to see their land and crops as never before. Our “bird’s eye view” images as stills or movies can be viewed and analysed in the field, within minutes. Check crop health in real time and get early warnings of potential stresses affecting plants that enable precision interventions when necessary at greatly reduced input cost.



The world is becoming increasingly visual. Customers are exposed to beautiful photographs and film every day on TV and on-line. We have the skills, creativity and equipment to capture gorgeous shots from both the air and then ground.



In the hands of our skilled professionals, our systems are capable of carrying out a variety of infrastructure and buildings inspection tasks, safely and very quickly, delivering exactly the images that our clients need at a fraction of the cost of alternatives such as cherry pickers, scaffolding or manned aircraft.


Alley 300

Aligned with our agricultural services, we can capture data from airborne missions that feed into environmental surveys. The crisp high definition images from our low altitude imaging system can help with species counts, real-time mapping and longer-term environmental change monitoring.